Digital marketing and social media marketing is probably the most effective way to promote your business through social media marketing. It can help you reach a global audience with minimal effort. Talking about digital, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. According to the latest survey, the estimated number of all active Facebook users around the globe is around 2.27 billion. The total world population is around 7.7 billion which means one-third of the overall world population uses Facebook.

These numbers can give you an estimate about the scope of Facebook for accessing an audience. Not only this it includes an audience of all ages and social classes making your product reach out to masses. Making a Facebook to market your product is a much better idea than doing it through your private profile. A Facebook page can build a unique identity for your business, and if dealt properly, it can do wonders to the fame of your business. In this blog, we will let you know about the impact of a Facebook page on any business and ways to run an effective marketing campaign on a Facebook page.

Impact of the Facebook Page on a Business:


A Facebook page can prove to be beneficial for marketing your business. Some of the ways it can impact your business are given below:

It can Develop Recognition of your Business:

If you have started a new business and want to get it recognized amongst public, then using a Facebook to promote your business is the best idea. It will require less effort and will access more audience. You can get a large number of Facebook viewers familiar with your business through effective marketing on your page. Posting graphic stuff on your page like, logo and tagline of business can leave an engraved identity of your business on social media audience brains.

It Helps you Engage the Audience:


A Facebook page can help you engage and interact with the audience in a better way. You can get in touch with your regular clients and also potential clients. Through your Facebook page, you can tell the audience about the new offers, new products and ways to contact you. You can network with your audience on a personal level by responding to their comments and answering their queries.

Enhance your Web Traffic:


An effectively operated Facebook page can really enhance traffic on your business website. As Facebook is a broader medium with huge amount of audience, mentioning link of your website in your posts can derive traffic on your website. A well-maintained Facebook page can strengthen your online presence by enhancing visibility.

It can Reduce your Marketing Cost:

As Facebook marketing is very cost-efficient as compared to other ways of marketing so it can cut down the overall marketing expenses of your business. It does not require a lot of workforce and resources to project a message of your business.

Effective Ways to Promote a Social Media Facebook Page:


Your Facebook page should depict the true essence of your business and should be able to get recognized amongst the audience. Some of the effective ways to promote your Facebook page are given below:

Using Instagram Social Media Marketing Platforms:

Just like Facebook, Instagram also gives the option of paid marketing to its user  where they can expose their product to their target audience by paying a certain amount. Instagram will post ads of your products on explore fee, and as we know there is a huge audience watching them, there is great chance of your followers list to expand in no time. The price for ads may vary depending upon different factors like:

  1. Relevancy of the ad.
  2. Targeted audience
  3. Creative view
  4. Scope of the product
  5. Demographic location

Running a paid marketing campaign for your page may be little expensive option, but it is surely one of the most effective ones.

Through Engagement Groups on Instagram:

Joining different engagement groups on Instagram can also boost your presence. These engagement groups can help you get connected to a community on Instagram that can get you more following, likes and comments. There are generally two types of Instagram engagement groups which are given below:

1.     DM engagement groups:

In this type of group, the interaction between different group members is done through DM. Whenever a member posts something new on Instagram. He lets other members know about it. All the members will like and comment on the new post as soon as possible. There is no fixed time for a member to like the new post of a fellow. Usually, it is done before any member posts his own new post. In this way, when a popular group member with huge audience likes or comments on your post, there is a chance of his followers to follow your page as well. DM engagement group forms a closely knitted Instagram community that help out each other their promotional needs.

Also, if you are lucky enough to get in touch with a group member that generates content of your niche, then both parties can post each other’s pages on their posts. This will do a world of good to your Instagram presence as there is a great chance of heavy traffic being shared mutually. You can also use other social media marketing platforms like Twitter and Facebook, to connect to people who work in similar niche and then link to them on Instagram as well.

2.     Telegram Engagement groups:

Telegram engagement groups are more organized in their working as compared to DM engagement groups. Basically, these engagement groups are hosted from telegram app, and all the members get the updates via telegram groups. If any member has posted a new post on Instagram, he will let other members know about it by updating them on telegram group. Unlike DM engagement groups, the timing of Instagram posts is similar for all group members. So there is an instant response on posts of all members. Usually, within one hour, everyone gets their desired engagement on Instagram.

It is to be kept in mind that larger your telegram group is, more are chances of engagement on your Instagram posts. If you are lucky enough to be part of a large telegram group that gives you a huge engagement on your Instagram posts regularly, then you have a chance of featuring on Instagram explore page. This will do wonders for your Instagram presence, as your Instagram followers will reach a whopping number as your Instagram activity increases. Also, there are no limitation of number of members on tele gram groups like DM groups, which has a limitation of maximum 15 people for one group.

Hashtag Usage:


The use of proper hashtags can also help you increase your Instagram following. The old concept of bombarding your post with different hashtags has changed, now because it will yield no good. You have to be smarter while using hashtags on your Instagram posts now. Some of the techniques to incorporate better hashtags on your social media post are given below:

Better Techniques to use Hashtags on Social Media

  1. Make use of relevant hashtags which include the terms that are linked to niche of your business. This can expose your Instagram page to the audience that is searching for pages, operating in your domain and increase your following.
  2. Use popular hashtags related to your niche. It will really boost your Instagram activity and increase your number of followers as well. There are many tools that can give you the listings of most popular keywords of different fields.
  3. Try to use unique hashtags for different Instagram posts as it will also help to derive variety of audience to your page.
  4. Use hashtags that are more purposeful and determine the essence of your work. Like for example if you have an Instagram page for sportswear. Then you can use popular hashtags like #sports, #fitness or #fitness wear. In this way, you will also derive social media audience on your page, and your posts will also make some sense.
  5. Use popular hashtags of your niche on Instagram stories of your page. If you use the most popular hashtags, then the audience that will search for them may also come across your story.

Build a Unique Identity of Yourself:

Instagram is not all about being an opportunist to get more audience rather it about making a unique identity that will define your presence. The audience that is on Instagram is not only there to get knowledge or information, rather they also want to have a good time. So, if you consider the thinking of your audience before posting anything, you are more likely to get better outcomes.

Try to define a particular style for your posts like vintage or trendy that is relatable to the target audience. For example, if you are running page for jackets. Then you can make old school and retro your theme by posting pictures of popular rock stars wearing leather jackets and cool stuff. In this way, the audience that has interest in that genre will definitely follow your page, because they will expect to see more similar kind of stuff.

It is to be kept in mind that building an identity does not means posting similar types of posts every time, rather you need to keep your audience on their toe sand surprise every now and then. But keeping your domain in mind is very important like, if you are running a page for sportswear and suddenly start posting pictures of cute dogs. It won’t work out. You have to pleasantly surprise them rather than going haywire in your thinking.

Like if you have sportswear page then every now then share an inspirational post of a popular athlete with motivational description and athletic hashtags. What it will do is, it will increase your probability of getting more audience on your page because someone might like the description, or trendy hashtags and stardom of the sportsman is additional advantage.

Promote your Instagram Page on Other Social Media Marketing Platforms:


Another important way to get more followers on Instagram is by promoting your page on other platforms. This is one of the most effective ways to get derive more audience on your Instagram page. Because you can reach out to a large number of viewers on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Snapchat. Post your Instagram link on your bio in all the social media marketing platforms. If you post any content on other pages like blogs or marketing articles. Then sharing link of your Instagram page at the end is not a bad idea. It will increase your chances of getting a big audience many times as, you will expose your page to users of multiple platforms.

Try promoting your page on popular platforms rather than wasting time on underrate dones. Platforms like BuzzFeed allow you to form a community that operate on similar niche. This can help the members get mutual promotions for their pages by developing links with each other. In many cases, you have a huge audience on one platform and lesser on other. Then you can use that to your advantage. Like, there are many people who are not familiar with high-tech platforms like, Instagram and snapchat. But are active on more older platforms like Facebook. If you reach out to your networks on Facebook and ask them to follow and, promote your Instagram page with their networks and so on. It will set a chain reaction to get you more and more followers without putting in much effort. It is recommended to share your Instagram link. Rather than username because it is more convenient for viewer as it will drip him directly onto your page.

Ask Other Influencers to Promote Your Social Media Page:

Promoting your Instagram pages through popular influencers is a good way of getting more followers. Influencers are the people who have a good presence on Instagram with huge number of loyal followers. The endorsement done by these influencer scan be very effective for favourable outcomes. The influencers can be celebrities, social media marketing personalities or popular pages that cover your niche. Irrespective of kind of influencer, you will see a rise in the followers list of your page. There are two ways to promote your page through influencers which are given below:

  1. You pay the influencer to promote your post. Usually, influencer do not endorse anything for free, so you have to pay a price for your promotion. According to an estimate, influencers charge around 300$-1000$ on average per sponsored post. In case of celebrities, this price can go as high as 10,000$ per endorsement. It may seem to be a very costly option but getting your page endorsed by a popular celebrity with large number of loyal followers can do a world of get for your Instagram presence
  2. If you are lucky enough to have a good enough PR with influencers, then you might get a shout out for free. This is probably the most ideal case for getting a promotion for your Instagram page, but it does not happen very often..

Spend Some Money on Facebook Ads:


Some of the most effective and fastest ways to get good visibility and traffic on your page are through Facebook ads. These ads appear on a side column of newsfeeds of users. It can really boost visibility of your page. You can get to Facebook ads manager to run an advertising campaign for your Facebook page. Try to be concise and concrete, while making content for your Facebook ads. Because you want to conduct effective marketing of your page through this opportunity.

Promote your Page Through your Personal Facebook Profile:

As everyone has a certain number of regular viewers on their personal Facebook profile. Promoting your page on it can prove to be effective. Using link of your page in the bio of your profile and messaging all your Facebook friends to promote your page. Can result in good traffic. You can also ask all the employees of your company to share the link of your Facebook page. You can also convert your personal profile into your Facebook page, and the friends on your profile are converted into your likes. In this way, you can get organic traffic for your page.

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